Sunday 17 June 2007 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club travel over to Harlow for the Eastern regional Grading competition.  This is where a required score is needed to enable the performer to progress onto the next grade.

At Grade 5 Amy Rayfield was hoping to overcome her nerves, which got the better of her at the last competition.  She had an unlucky draw being the first to compete in a very large group, but she handled it well and started off well with a good, steady set routine.  She successfully got through her voluntary routine also and finished in 3rd place.  An excellent result which will hopefully help her to gain more confidence.  

At Grade 4 Jo Collins was hoping to qualify up to the next grade.  She started with some good warm ups, so things were looking good for the set routine.  The routine started nicely, but one of her somersaults lacked height and slightly over rotated causing some travel along the trampoline.  Jo was determined to finish the routine, but her marks were already damaged.  Her voluntary routine was better, but the judges still had cause for concern on one of her somersaults.  She didn’t achieve the required score, but she’d done enough to finish in 2nd place.

At Grade 3 we had 3 performers.  For Sophie Perks this was her first grading competition at this level, since qualifying in April.  She completed 2 very good routines to finish in 6th place, missing qualifying up to the next grade by just over half a mark.  Lizzie Mercer completed some good routines also, she’s been working hard on holding her line outs.  She did well to finish in 5th place, in a very difficult group.  Lorna Kyan’s had limited training prior to today, and this showed in her routines.  There was some travel around the trampoline during her routines that the judges picked up one.  She finished in 9th place.

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