Sunday 22 June 2008 saw Richardís Trampoline Club travel over to Harlow for the Eastern regional Grading competition.  This being the last competition to use the current format, which surprisingly still attracted many entries.  A new system is being introduced for October, largely based on the long-term athlete development (LTAD), by Balyi (1990).

At Grade 3 Clara Williams completed some excellent routines, showing some fantastic form.  The competition was incredibly close with the top 3 performers joint after the voluntary routines.  So it was all down to the final and Clara finished in 2nd place.  Lee Meakin returned to competition after a yearís break, despite his form suffering from lack of training, he did enough to finish in 2nd place.  Daisy Longden, who has only just recently joined the club, did some good routines and also finished in 2nd place.  Jo Collins uncharacteristically lost her way during her voluntary routine, and only completed 9 moves instead of the required 10.  This left her a whole mark down from each judge, so this saw her in 6th place.  Bradley Sapsford also made a small mistake during one of his routines, he touched the end deck mat a the end of his routine, this affected his marks and put him in 6th place.  Jessica Impson Davey has also only just joined the club, she successfully completed her routines, but lacking in form slightly which left her in 7th place.

At Grade 4 Laura Burns is showing great improvement.  She successfully completed both her routines, and managed to improve upon her form score since her last competition.  She easily finished in 1st place.  Joseph Pridmore also did very well; he made a slight error during his voluntary routine.  But he then went on to do a fantastic final routine, and this gave him enough for 1st place.  Levi Rimmer showed steady progress today, she successfully completed her routines and finished in a well deserved 3rd place.  Scott Crowhurst has been showing good steady improvement recently, he narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.

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