Sunday 29 March 2009 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club attending the Eastern regional Grading competition in Harlow.  With a team of 16 competitors representing the club, everyone was looking forward to a good day.  For some it was their first competition, whereas others were looking to improve upon their previous achievements.

At Regional D Lee Meakin did some good routines, after a year out he is finally starting to get his form back.  He finished in 3rd place, but he knows he can do better still.  Rosannamay Cannon started with a great set routine, placing her in 2nd position going through to the second round.  Her voluntary routine wasn’t quite so good, and she lacked difficulty so dropped down to 5th place overall.  Claire Fennell has recently joined the club, and after a nervous start she got through her routines and finished in 8th place.  Lizzie Mercer made a very uncharacteristic error and this left her in 16th place.

At Regional E Laura Burns showed great improvement since her last competition, she’s bouncing much higher now.  She went through to the finals in 1st place, but an error moved her down to 7th overall.  Scott Crowhurst only just missed out on a medal in 4th place and Levi Rimmer finished in 8th, both of them showing good improvement since their last competition also.

At Regional F Hannah Rayfield was very pleased to successfully complete both of her routines.  She easily gained the required mark to move up to the next grade, and she finished in 2nd place.  Clare Kiss was competing for the first time at this level, despite her nerves she did some good routines and finished in 5th place.

At Regional G the club dominated the competition.  Sam Andrews competed today after 10 years away from the sport.  Her experienced showed in her routines and she easily finished in 1st place and gained the required mark to move up to the next grade.  Francesca Jones competed for her first time today, and she did extremely well to finish in 3rd place.  Rebecca Shepherd finished in 7th place, and right behind her was Chloe Saunders in 8th place.  Sam, Francesca, Rebecca and Chloe together gained team 1st within their group.  Tate Henocq completed some excellent routines and finished an incredible 2nd in a group of over 30 competitors.  Amy Hall in her first competition finished in 17th and Hattie Field in 24th due to an error during her set routine.


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