On Sunday 5 June a team of 4 members from Richardís Trampoline Club, entered the Regional Grading Competition at Harlow.  With everyone winning a medal, the team spirit was high by the end of the day.

Nicky Ledwold competed 3 routines to be proud of at Grade 4.  In the last few weeks leading up to the competition Nicky has shown tremendous improvement to his form and consistency.  He gained a well-earned 2nd place against some tough competition.

At Grade 3 Kasey Kilday was not on top form, having missed lots of training recently due to various reasons.  However he gave it his best shot and came away with 2nd place.  Danny Fair, who also has shown great improvement in the weeks leading up to the competition, performed some excellent routines.  Scoring the highest form marks of 9.2 and 9.3 of the day.  Unfortunately an error at the end of his set routine cost him 1st place and he finished 3rd.  Last to compete Lee Meakin, who also trains with Potton Saints Trampoline Club, struggled with the second somersault during his set routine.  Lee has a great wealth of experience at competitions, so quickly recovered to continue his routine without losing too many form marks.  Leading the competition all the way through into the final, Lee opted for his set routine here, wanting to get everything right this time.  Unfortunately this cost him his lead though as this enabled someone else with a higher difficulty to move above him by just 0.1!  However Lee was more than happy with his 2nd place.

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