Sunday 15 January 2006 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club hosting their first ever competition.  It was a grading competition for the Eastern region; with 300 entries we all knew it was going to be an extremely busy day!  Preparation begun for the competition weeks in advance, so thanks to all volunteers everything was ready to start on time at Hitchin Boys Sports Centre.

At Grade 3 both Danny Fair and Karen Bettany were hoping to qualify up to Grade 2.  But it wasn’t to be, especially with the new, harsher judging rules.  Karen only managed 9 moves in her compulsory set routine, so she had too much left to do in her voluntary.  Danny received excellent marks in the first round, but he just couldn’t maintain his form quite as well in the voluntary, so moved down into 2nd place and narrowly missed on qualifying.  Lauren Jones who’s just joined us from Potton Saints performed 2 superb routines, qualifying for grade 2 with ease and finishing in 1st place also.  Nicky Ledwold did extremely well in his group, this is his first time at Grade 3 and he’s also moved up an age group this year.  Finishing in 2nd place, he’ll be looking at progressing to Grade 2 later in the year.

There was lots of success at Grade 4, Charlotte Pocock finished in 1st place and so did Michael Sheff who’s also recently joined the club from Potton Saints.  Charlotte Pocock, Katie Featherby and Lorna Kyan also finished in team 1st.  Lorna Kyan also finished in 3rd place, and Neil Palmer narrowly missing out on a medal in 4th place.

The success continued at Grade 5 with Kelly Page in 1st place, Katherine Crone in 2nd place and Maddie Churchman in 4th place.  Kelly Page, Katherine Crone and Faye Harper also finished in team 1st.

Hopefully this will become an annual competition that the club will host.  A massive thank you to all members and parents who helped out, the day wouldn’t have been so successful without you – Thank you!

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