Sunday 16 January 2011 saw Richardís Trampoline Club attending the Eastern regional Grading competition in Hitchin.  It was the first competition of the year since the Christmas break, and the club had a team of 8 performers, many of which were new to trampoline competitions.

At Regional D Jo Collins was our only performer, trying out a newly, re-learnt back somersault in a straight position, with a full twist.  Her aim was to perform the new move successfully whilst under competition conditions.  She succeeded in the set routine but some travel across the trampoline impacted on her scores, she improved upon this though in her voluntary routine and improved further still in the finals routine.  Overall Jo finished in 3rd place, so a great achievement and good experience in using her new somersault.

At Regional E Sam Andrews was competing at this level for the first time, having not competed recently due to other commitments.  Her experience at competitions showed though as she did some quick thinking on her feet during her voluntary routine.  An awkward landing after the barani meant the following somersault had to be changed to an easier somersault, but to ensure she didnít lose out on her difficulty score she cleverly added the harder somersault later in the routine.  The competition was high though and she finished in 6th place, however she demonstrated her ability today and she will no doubt finish in the medals next time she competes.

At Regional F Mick was also competing for the first time at this level, since qualifying to move up at the last competition.  He completed some good routines to easily finish in 3rd place; he just needs to work a bit more on his form to be at the top of the podium next time.

At Regional G we had lots of new performers, which is great to see!  Matthew Wilton has recently joined the club and he did some fantastic routines.  Overall he finished 3rd, which is a great achievement for his first ever competition.  He just needs to jump a little higher and then heíll easily qualify for the next grade.  Jo Wardle competed in the largest group that day, and showed amazing progress since her last competition.  She finished in 6th place and was very close to qualifying.  Ella Hemmings also competed today for the first time, and did well to finish in 12th place within her group.  Alice Neale was very brave for she only decided to enter the competition that week, but she worked hard and did well to get through all her routines.  With more preparation she looks to do very well indeed at the next competition.  Seun Fagbohun didnít have the best start to the day with problems with transport in getting to the competition, the competition organisers kindly moved her to the end of the group.  But with it being her first competition the stress showed in her routines, so she didnít get the marks she deserved.  However at the next competition in March Seun is determined to improve upon today.


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