Sunday 21 January 2007 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club hosting the Eastern regional Grading competition in Hitchin.  With 250 competitors it was a busy day, but with all the fantastic help and support the club received from members, parents, friends and the sports centre staff everything ran smoothly.  Except for a minor glitch in the morning when someone burnt the toast and set the fire alarms off!

At Grade 3 Lee Meakin didn’t perform his best routines here, but he did enough to finish in 1st place.  Lee suffered a broken ankle a few months ago that’s hindered his training.  Lauren Doherty performed a sound set routine, and she was using today to try out a new, more difficult routine for her voluntary.  She performed it excellently in the finals finishing in 2nd place. Natasha Rastogi, Charlotte Pocock and Lorna Kyan did extremely well to gain team 2nd, it was Charlotte’s and Lorna’s first time competing at Grade 3 so they were pleased to successfully complete their routines. 

Also in the medals was Kasey Kilday in 3rd place.  He produced some superb routines just when it mattered, showing some good lineouts and all very well centered on the trampoline.  He gained enough marks to qualify up to Grade 2, so he’ll be hoping to repeat today’s performances in a few weeks time.  Lizzie Mercer narrowly missed out on a medal in 5th place, a slight change to her set routine cost her some marks.  But overall her form is improving, and she’s starting to control her arms better now, which will increase her form marks considerably.

At Grade 4 Katherine Crone, Jo Collins and Lisa Golding finished in team 1st.  Jo did some good routines, and will be looking at qualifying up to Grade 3 next time.  Rebecca Hales narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.  She’s improved greatly over the year, but tends to suffer with nerves and this shows in her marks.  Sophie Perks also finished just outside of the medals, but she did some good routines to be proud of.  She lost one of her somersaults just weeks prior to the competition, but she performed it perfectly in her voluntary routine, so the hard work paid off.

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