Sunday 2 October 2005 saw a team of 7 people from Richardís trampoline club, representing the club at the Ipswich regional grading competition.  Being a graded competition means that if the qualification score is achieved during the first 2 rounds, then this permits the trampolinist to progress onto the next grade.

Both our Grade 3 performers had an excellent day, with a 100% success rate.  Lee Meakin was in the first group and performed a good compulsory set routine.  Moving into the second round he controlled his nerves, and competed one of his best routines.  Scoring a massive 53.8 he easily qualified for Grade 2, and took the gold medal.  Kasey Kilday also had an excellent day.  Things werenít looking too good during the warm ups, but when it mattered it was a different story.  He found some extra height and easily got through some difficult routines.  With a total of 53 he won his group and qualified easily for Grade 2.

At Grade 4 Nicky Ledwold was hoping very much to qualify.  He received some mixed marks from the judges, demonstrating his form still needs improving.  However with a total of 50.7 after the 1st two rounds, he qualified with ease for Grade 3 and won his group.  Charlotte Pocock performed some good routines, however she struggled on the pike Barani during her set routine, and this showed in her marks.  She didnít meet the qualification score but she did finish in 3rd place.  Neil Palmer started with a good set routine, however this didnít continue in his voluntary routine after struggling to control the start of his routine.  He made it through, but moved down into 4th place.  Hannah Bloodworth did well in a difficult group to finish in 5th place.  This was her first competition at this grade, and she demonstrated a great deal of ability today.  Lorna Kyan finished in 6th place.  She was using a new, much harder voluntary routine, and suffering with the flu also; she did well in a difficult group.

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