Sunday 6 June 2010 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club attending the Eastern regional Grading competition in Ipswich.  Despite it being exam time for many, a team of 5 performers competed today, all with their different goals.  Being a grading competition means that if anyone achieves the required score, then they can move up to the next grade.

At Regional D Jo Collins was in the first group of the day.  This being Jo’s second competition since taking a year out due to injury, her goal for the day was to include a new somersault in both her set and voluntary routine.  Jo rose to the challenge and was in 3rd place going into the final.  Unfortunately though a small bit of cast in the middle of her final routine saw her drop into 4th place overall.

Next up was Tate Henocq in Regional F.  Tate’s worked hard on improving her height and form, and this was evident in her 2 flawless routines.  This was a difficult group for Tate being only her second time at her new grade and she’s still one of the youngest in her group.  Despite this Tate was using the maximum difficulty allowed at this grade and she finished easily in 1st place, missing qualification by just 0.5 points!

At Regional G Mick Manning was pleased to return to competition since taking a break from the club for a number of years.  Mick completed his routines cleanly to earn himself a 2nd place, the group was incredibly close though as he missed 1st place by just 0.1 points!  Jo Wardle and Becca Shepherd were also competing at Regional G.  This was Jo’s first competition with the club, and she showed great determination due to her training being hampered by an injury and being in the middle of her exams.  So a fantastic result finishing in 5th place.  Becca Shepherd was another determined performer, including a somersault that eluded her at the last competition.  There were no problems with it today though and she finished in 9th place within a very large group.

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