Sunday 7 October saw Richardís Trampoline Club at the Eastern Regional Grading competition in Ipswich.  Being a graded competition means if the qualification score is achieved, then this permits the trampolinist to progress onto the next grade.  The club only had 4 competitors today, but amongst themselves they came home with medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd so an extremely successful day for the club!

At Grade 4 Jo Collins has been trying to qualify up to grade 3 for over a year now.  Despite lack of preparation due to work commitments, this didnít show today.  With some good warm-ups the pressure was on, Jo rose to the challenge though and produced some superb routines.  She qualified up to Grade 3 by a very large margin and also won 1st place.

Also at Grade 4 Bradley Sapsford was having an amazing day!  Heís only competed once before at an open competition, and that was at a lower grade.  It was a late decision to move up a grade, but in the last couple of weeks prior to today Bradley improved his routines tremendously.  He completed some of his best ever routines and he was rewarded with the required scores to move up to Grade 3 and finished in 2nd place.

At Grade 3 Lizzie Mercer was suffering with a bad back during her warm-ups.  She managed to compete but she wasnít at her best, sheís shown good improvement over the summer so it was a shame not to see it today.  However she still did enough to finish in 3rd place.

Also at Grade 3 was Sophie Perks, she had a tough group where the standard was very high.  She completed some good routines, especially her voluntary routine, showing good improvement since her last competition.  She missed qualifying up to Grade 2 by just 0.2!

Overall an extremely successful day for the club, well done to everyone who competed today!

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