Sunday 11 March 2007 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club travel over to Ipswich for their annual open competition.  For some it was their first ever competition with the club, others were trying out new, harder routines.  This competition catered for all the grades, and it was nice seeing the more experienced performers helping everyone out today.

Nicky Ledwold was competing at Grade 1 today for the first time.  He’s currently trying to gain the qualification scores so he can perform at Grade 1 nationally.  He successfully completed his routines, using a new harder voluntary routine, and finished in 2nd place.

At Grade 2 Lauren Doherty did some really good warm-ups, but a small amount of travel in her routines when she competed.  However it was enough for 3rd place.  Danny Fair was trying out some new routines; he maintained excellent height throughout, showing some nice line-outs.  During his set routine, he suffered a small amount of travel, causing him to finish just outside the medals in 4th place.

At Grade 3 Natasha Rastogi produced some excellent routines.  There was a small amount of travel after a distraction during her set routine, but she recovered well finishing in 2nd place.  She’ll be looking at returning to Grade 2 next month.  Lizzie Mercer finished just outside the medals in 4th place.

At Grade 4 Jo Collins produced 2 excellent routines, just rushing a couple of somersaults.  She easily finished in 1st place and will be hoping to qualify for Grade 3 next month.  Sophie Perks was trying out a new much harder voluntary routine today, and she completed it very well.  She’ll be looking at improving her form marks next; she did well to finish in 4th place.

There was plenty of success at Grade 6.  Especially Amy Rayfield who was competing for the first time today, in a massive group.   She successfully completed her routines, showing good shapes and line outs, and easily gained 1st place.  She’ll be looking at moving up to Grade 5 in May.  Scott Crowhurst was also competing for the first time today; he completed his routines but needs to work harder on his form marks.  However he did enough to finish in 1st place.  Orla McGill, a little nervous during her set routine, but showed improvement in her voluntary routine finished in 2nd place and Emma Deering finished in 3rd place.

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