On Sunday 12 March 2006, Richard’s Trampoline Club entered a massive team of 36 performers at the Ipswich Open Competition.  This competition covered all levels giving our beginners chance to compete, and our more experienced performers chance to try out harder routines without the pressure of a graded competition.

At Grade 1 we had just Elliot Stratton, who 2 years ago at this same competition was competing at Grade 6.  A very different story today though!  Here he was trying out his hardest routine yet, with 4 double somersaults.  Finishing in 2nd place, Elliot had good reason to be very pleased with himself.

There was plenty of success at Grade 2, with Lauren Jones and Charlie Mussino both gaining 1st place in their groups.  Lisa Withey and Natasha Rastogi narrowly missed out on medals both finishing 4th within their groups.  All of them experimented successfully with more difficult routines, in preparation for the next National Grade 2 in Northern Ireland next month. 

At Grade 3 Nicky Ledwold was lying in 2nd place after the compulsory set routines, however a mistake during his voluntary routine saw his chances of a medal go. 

Success again at Grade 4, Tom Stead and Emma Ramsey both finished 1st within their groups, Catherine Southard did very well to come 3rd in a massive group, and Lorna Kyan, Lisa Golding and Michael Sheff gained team 1st.

At Grade 5 Adam Jones did extremely well to finish in 2nd place, this was his first competition with the club.  And Sophie Perks narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place, this was also her first competition with the club.

And finally at Grade 6 Lizzi Wilson did very well to come 1st in a difficult group, this was her first competition for a long while so hopefully she’ll be back with a vengeance now.  Daniel Ellis came close to winning a medal in 4th place; he suffered a mistake during his second routine, which showed in his score.

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