Sunday saw Richard’s Trampoline Club travel over to Ipswich for their annual open competition.  For some it was their first ever competition with the club, others were trying out new, harder routines.  This competition catered for all the grades, and it was nice seeing the more experienced performers helping everyone out today.

At Grade 2 Kasey Kilday and Rosannamay Cannon were competing against each other in the same group.  It couldn’t have been a closer competition between them if they tried!  Kasey got through his routines ok, not his best form, but he was pleased with his voluntary routine, as it was slightly higher in difficulty.  Rosannamay did some lovely routines, maintaining her form well throughout.  After the voluntary routines they both had the same total score, so it was decided in the final with 0.1 separating them!  Kasey finished just outside the medals in 4th place and Rosannamay in 5th place.

At Grade 3 Clara Williams did some great routines.  There was a small error in her voluntary routine, but she covered it well by amending the order of somersaults in her routine.  This baffled her coach, but the judges were none the wiser and awarded her 1st place.  Jo Collins made it through all her routines, but they were not her best.  So she’ll be looking to improve upon her 7th place next time.  Lizzie Mercer suffered an error at the end of her set routine, which cost her dearly in marks.  This left her down in 9th place.  However the 3 of them did enough to win team 2nd overall.  Sophie Perks suffered from ‘lost move syndrome’ prior to today, this meant she was unable to complete the end of her set routine.  Due to this she finished in 9th place, but a brave performance and hopefully she’ll have her moves back again soon!

At Grade 4 Scott Crowhurst is still showing tremendous improvement.  This is Scott’s second competition at Grade 4 and he’s handling the higher difficulty very well.  He did some of his best routines ever today when it mattered, and he narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.

At Grade 5 Laura Burns had a fantastic day!  This is her first ever trampoline competition, since joining the club only recently.  She finished in 2nd place due to putting her hand down at the end of her set routine, however without that error she would easily have finished in 1st place.  So a great start to her trampolining!

At Grade 6 Rebecca Shepherd, Chloe Saunders and Tate Henocq were all competing for their first time.  Rebecca was consistent with her routines throughout, and finished in 3rd place.  Chloe finished in 6th place and Tate in 7th place.  Helen Viner competing for her second time today finished in 15th place.


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