On Sunday 16 January, Richardís Trampoline Club traveled down to Laindon in Essex for the graded competition.  This competition covered grades 4 and 3.  Being a graded competition means it gives the trampolinists a chance to qualify for the next grade, if the required score is achieved.

Danny Fair came 2nd in the Grade 3 over 18ís.  He completed his routines, but his form was lacking.  During his voluntary routine an error on the second move forced Danny to change his routine, with some quick thinking required.  Needless to say he didnít achieve the 52.5 that he required.  Elliot Stratton came 3rd in the Grade 3 under 18ís.  A lot of focus was on Elliot as he was hoping to compete at Grade 2 Nationals next month, unfortunately though not all things go according to plan.  During his routines there was a lot of travel around the trampoline, and this reflected in his marks.  Elliot was awarded ĎThe Richard Fairweather Shield of Achievementí last month for his rapid progression, so hopefully today will just be a minor set back for him.  Sophie Allen came 8th in the Grade 3 under 18ís, with a total of 51.3 this is a big improvement since her last competition.

Kasey Kilday had the most successful day.  Not only did he come 1st in the Grade 4 under 13ís, but he also qualified for Grade 3 easily.  This was Kaseyís first time at a grading competition, so a massive achievement for him.  Lee Meakin also had a very good day, he came 1st in the Grade 4 over 18ís and he also qualified for Grade 3 with ease.  Nicky Ledwold came 2nd in the Grade 4 under 11ís.  This was his first time at Grade 4 and he showed a big improvement with his consistency and form.  He missed qualifying for Grade 3 by 0.1, but nether less should be proud of his achievements today.  Kirsten Allen came 3rd in the Grade 4 over 18ís.  This was also Kirstenís first time competing at Grade 4, she was pleased to just complete her routines.  Neil Palmer came 7th in the Grade 4 under 18ís.  Neil has just moved up an age group, so he was competing against some people who were 3 years older than him, a daunting task that he handled well.

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