Sunday 13 January 2008 saw Richard’s Trampoline Club hosting the Eastern regional Grading competition in Letchworth.  With over 200 competitors it was a busy day, but with all the fantastic help and support the club received from members, parents, friends and the Leisure centre staff everything ran very smoothly.  It was the first competition of the year; some performers were trying to qualify back up to National level, where others were trying out new routines and some competing for their first time.

At Grade 3 Kasey Kilday performed some excellent routines, easily gaining the required marks to qualify back up to Grade 2 and winning 1st place.  Kasey has worked really hard this year and it’s starting to show now.  Roseannamay Cannon also did some great routines to gain the qualifying mark to move back up to Grade 2.  She finished in joint 1st place, but using the count back ruling this put her back into 2nd overall.  Lizzie Mercer, Lorna Kyan, Jo Collins and Clara Williams all did their best and got team 1st, it was Jo’s first time at Grade 3 so she did really well to complete her routines.  Sophie Perks was trying out 2 new routines today; she coped really well and successfully completed both of them.  Bradley Sapsford was competing for the first time at Grade 3, he struggled with his set routine but he’s showing lots of possible potential for the future.

At Grade 4 Becky Hales did really well, she’s growing in confidence, which is helping her form.  She finished in 1st place within a large group and she’ll be looking at moving up to grade 3 soon.  Jack Jones also did very well to finish in 3rd place; it was his first time competing at Grade 4.  Levi Rimmer also was competing at Grade 4 for the first time; she made the transition well and will now be looking to increase her difficulty score.

At Grade 5 Katherine Crone was awarded with 3rd place and Hazel Smart closely behind in 4th place.  Joseph Pridmore did very well competing for his first time ever today, he narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.

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