On Sunday 10 July some members of Richard’s Trampoline Club entered the Recoil Open Competition.  This was the first time the club has attended this competition, and a very warm welcome we received.  Being the last competition of the season the emphasis was on enjoyment.

Our Grade 2 performers, Elliot Stratton and Karen Bettany came 1st and 2nd respectively.  Elliot performed some excellent routines, and scoring a massive 54.9 is showing his readiness for progression to Grade 1 next season.  Karen reduced the difficulty in her voluntary routine as she’s currently working on a new routine, which wasn’t ready for use today.

Just Danny Fair competing at Grade 3, and he came 2nd.  He was in 1st place after his compulsory set routine, but he only completed nine moves in his voluntary routine so moved down to 2nd overall. 

At Grade 4 Nicky Ledwold did extremely well to finish in 2nd place.  For his voluntary routine Nicky competed a new, much harder routine, that he only just got a week ago.  But he used it today with confidence, demonstrating his ability.  Jack Maydom came 3rd, his first competition since recently joining the club.  Lorna Kyan also finished 3rd in her group, she’s another that’s show improvement recently, and will be looking to progress to Grade 3 next season. 

Lisa Golding at Grade 5 did well to come 2nd in a very tough group.  Rachel Ansbro was lying in 1st place after her compulsory set routine, but an error on her voluntary routine meant she was only marked out of 7 moves instead of the usual 10.  This moved her down to 5th place, but still a good achievement for her first competition. 

Finally at Grade 6 Katherine Crone finished in 3rd place, and she’ll be looking at moving up to Grade 5 next season. 

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