Sunday 14 May 2006 saw 40 members of Richardís Trampoline Club travelling over to Milton Keynes for their annual competition.  This competition catered for everyone, from beginners to National Grade 1 standard.  Thereís also an overall Club Shield, awarded to the club with the most points at the end of the competition.  So a good, strong team atmosphere remained throughout the day.

Both our Grade 1 performers did us proud, Elliot Stratton and Lauren Jones both finished in 1st place.  This being Laurenís first competition at Grade 1 since qualifying last weekend, so a confident start for her.

The success continued at Grade 2, with everyone winning a medal.  Lisa Withey successfully increased the difficulty level in her voluntary routine, easily winning 1st place.  Charlie Mussino also finished in 1st place within his group, he suffered some problems during training a few days ago, but he didnít let that affect him today.  Lee Meakin had some travel in both his routines, but he did enough to finish in 3rd place.  Nicky Ledwold also finished in 3rd place, having only qualified for Grade 2 recently so a good result for Nicky. 

With just one performer at Grade 3 Lizzie Mercer didnít let us down.  She managed to find some extra height during her routines, which showed in her marks, and she finished in 3rd place.

At Grade 4 everyone returned home with a medal.  Michael Sheff produced some excellent routines to finish in a well-deserved 1st place.  Gail Williams showed tremendous improvement and also finished in 1st place.  Lauren Doherty did very well to finish 2nd place in a difficult group, so too did Neil Palmer finish in 2nd place.  David Jones should be proud of himself finishing in 3rd place, having only recently joined the club.  Charlotte Pocock also finished in 3rd place, sheís looking at progressing onto Grade 3 shortly.  David Jones, Michael Sheff and Neil Palmer gained team 1st and so did Charlotte Pocock, Faye Harper and Kyrstin Fairweather.  Fiona Barclay, Hannah Bloodworth and Lauren Doherty finished in team 2nd.

There was more success at Grade 5.  Lauren Bell did some excellent routines and narrowly missed out on 1st place, finishing in 2nd.  Alice Page, Lucy Ramsey and Ben Wilson all finished in 3rd place within their groups, and Katherine Crone, Mikki Hackney, Lucy Ramsey and Lauren Bell finished in team 1st.

Within the Ungraded group, Graeme Ryan should be proud of his 1st place, and Samantha Hodges finished in 2nd place.  Ella Groves, Millie Rawlings and Samantha Hodges finished in team 2nd, so did Emma Deering, Orla McGill and Vicky Newton also finish in team 2nd

And finally in the starter groups Lukas Fairweather did his Dad (Richard) proud in finishing 2nd place in his first ever competition.

Overall the club finished in 2nd place, narrowly missing out on 1st.  With 11 other clubs all going for the Club Shield there was a great deal of competition.  So a big Ďthank youí to all those who competed and helped out, itís all of you that have helped make us one of the strongest clubs within the region Ė well done!

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