Sunday 18 May 2008 saw members of Richard’s Trampoline Club travelling over to Milton Keynes for their annual competition.  This competition catered for everyone, from beginners to National standard.  For some it was a warm-up for the grading in a few weeks time, and for others it was a chance to try out a new routine.

At Grade 3 Clara Williams did some great routines and very narrowly missed out on 1st place.  Lizzie Mercer made a good start in her set routine, but suffered a bit of travel during her second routine, which left her just outside the medals in 4th place.  Jo Collins has shown good improvement during training, but made an uncharacteristic mistake at the end of her set routine.  She made some marks up in her voluntary routine but the best she could do was 5th place.  Overall though, they all did enough to win team 1st at grade 3.

At Grade 4 Laura Burns and Levi Rimmer both did some excellent routines, they’ve been working on their form marks and this paid off as they both finished 2nd within their groups.  Hazel Smart was competing for her first time at this level, and was incredibly nervous.  She tried her best and finished in 3rd place.

At Grade 5 Tate Henocq was competing for her first time at this level.  Despite her nerves she easily completed her routines and finished in 6th place.

In the ungraded group Rebecca Shepherd finished in 8th place and Hazel Childs in 12th place.  In the beginners group Chloe Saunders did amazingly well with it only being her second competition, and she finished easily in 1st place.  Helen Viner finished in 12th place.

And finally in the starter groups Shannon Lewinton finished in 2nd place, Lukas Fairweather in 3rd place and Tegan Lewinton in 4th place.  With only fractions of a mark separating them all.


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