Sunday 22 May 2005 saw 40 members of Richardís Trampoline Club traveling over to Milton Keynes for their annual competition.  This competition catered for everyone, from beginners to National Grade 1 standard.  With only 11 performers returning home without a medal, to say it was an extremely successful day would be an understatement!

All 3 of our Grade 2 performers completed excellent routines, using the maximum difficulty level permitted at this level.  Elliot Stratton came 1st, Karen Bettany came 2nd and Charlie Mussino also came 2nd within his group.

Both of our Grade 3 performers were suffering injuries, however they didnít let this deter them.  Kasey Kilday came 2nd and Lee Meakin also came 2nd within their groups.

At Grade 4 everyone was successful in winning a medal.  Neil Palmer has improved tremendously this year, so he fully deserved his 1st place.  Laura Wilson, Lucy Cornwall and Kyrstin Faiweather were awarded team 1st, Lorna Kyan came 2nd as did Kyrstin Fairweather and Nicky Ledwold came 3rd

Our ladies group at Grade 5 took a clean sweep of the medals, Charlotte Pocock came 1st, Kelly Page came 2nd and Sally Clifton 3rd, all three of them also took team 1st.  In the other age groups Michael Lambert came 1st, Hannah Bloodworth also came 1st, and Maddie Churchman came 3rd.

In the Ungraded group Oliver Rawlings came 2nd, Sean Groves came 3rd and Gemma Brook also came 3rd.  The beginners also did very well with Emma Deering, Annabelle Cummins, Verity Scott and Alice Page coming team 1st, Alice Page also came 1st individually.  In the other beginners group we took a clean sweep of the medals again, Mikki Hackney came 1st, Katherine Crone came 2nd and Vicky Newton came 3rd individually and Orla McGill, Katherine Crone, Vicky Newton, Stacey Pryde and Allison Mussino came team 1st.  For all but 2 of our beginners, this was their first trampoline competition, so a very big well done to them!

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