Sunday 17 September 2006 saw a friendly Synchro competition in Milton Keynes.  This entails 2 people performing the same routine on separate trampolines, in time together.  Being the first competition since the summer, there weren’t many entries so emphasis was put on having fun.

At Level 1 we had Charlotte Smart and Tayla Green, and Hazel Childs and Zoe Corner, this was Zoe’s first competition with the club.  Both couples performed their routines successfully, showing good synchronisation.  However they were lacking with the form marks, which they now need to work on, they finished 5th and 6th respectively.

At Level 3 we had Lorna Kyan and Lisa Golding.  Having had just one practise session together, since Lisa returned a couple of days ago from working abroad for 4 months.  However they were determined to compete today, as they are both moving away next month for University.  Their lack of preparation didn’t show, as they performed 2 superb routines to easily take 2nd place.

At Level 4 we had Lizzie Mercer and Rebecca Hales, and Jo Collins and Kyrstin Fairweather.  Both narrowly missing out on medals to finish 4th and 5th respectively.

There was also a Russian Roulette competition, where partners are pulled out of a hat and then perform a routine together without any practise first.  The club did extremely well here with Kyrstin Fairweather in 1st place, Jo Collins in 2nd place and Kelly Page in 3rd place.

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