Sunday 16 October saw Richardís Trampoline Club at the Eastern Regional Grading competition in Easton, Norwich.  The club had a strong team of four performers, who were all determined to do their best and get through their routines.  Being a graded competition it meant that the scores were very important; if the correct score was achieved then this gives qualification to the next grade.

Alice Neale was first up and competing at Regional G.  This is only her second competition, so her aim was to get through her routines and improve upon her score.  All her warm-ups went well but during her first routine there was some travel during the front somersault, which caused some deductions at the end of her routine.  Her voluntary routine was much better and she finished in 8th place, but in 16th overall.

At Regional F the club had two performers Tate Henocq and Clare Kiss, in different age groups.  Both groups were of a very high standard, so there was no room for error in any routines.  Tate did some lovely routines, showing great consistency and good height.  This was rewarded in her score where she gained enough points to qualify (and was only .6 from qualifying up two levels), and she finished in 2nd place.  Clare also did some great routines, showing improved confidence at competitions, and again easily qualified and finished in 1st place.

At Regional D all the focus was then on Jo Collins to continue the success.  Jo hadnít had very much preparation for today, but this didnít show in her routines.  Being the last level before Nationals, the standard is much higher in this group and the routines are harder.  There was a small amount of travel in both her set and voluntary routine, but she completed the routines cleanly.  She was in 2nd place going through to the final, where she competed her best routine of the day.  Jo was 1st in the final, but the lead wasnít enough to change the overall positions, so she finished in 2nd place overall.

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