Sunday 17 October saw Richard’s Trampoline Club at the Eastern Regional Grading competition in Easton, Norwich.  Being a graded competition means if the qualification score or points are achieved, then this permits the trampolinist to progress onto the next level.  With just two entries from the club today, all focus was on Janco DuToit and Mick Manning.  Both of them were competing at Regional G level.

Janco DuToit was up first, and understandably a little nervous!  This is Janco’s first competition in trampolining and he’s only been with the club for a few months.  During this time though Janco has shown fantastic talent and potential in trampolining, learning new skills at an incredible rate.  His compulsory set routine is the more complex routine and he completed it successfully, closely followed by his voluntary routine.  He was in 5th place after the first round but dropped down into 6th place overall.  It was a very close group though with just 0.1 separating each score!  A great achievement for Janco in his very first competition, and no doubt his results will improve as he works more on the neatness of his moves.

Mick Manning was up next with a very nervous coach!  Leading up to today Mick had missed some much needed training, and then at the last minute completely changed his routine – so not the best preparation!  However after an intensive training session just days before, the routine was just starting to come together.  The warm-ups went ok till the controlled routine, where Mick failed to complete the routine.  So nerves were high when he got on to compete, but Mick concentrated hard and performed an excellent routine when he needed to.  There was a slightly unsteady start in the voluntary routine, but Mick held it together and was extremely pleased to score enough to qualify him for the next grade and to finish in 2nd place!  So a fantastic achievement for Mick, well done!

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