Sunday 25 June 2006 saw a massive, 42 entries from Richardís Trampoline Club at the Phoenix Flyers Open Competition, held in Enfield.  This competition catered for everyone, from beginners to National Grade 1 standard.  With nearly 400 entries overall, it was going to be a very busy day!

At Grade 1 Lauren Jones performed some good routines, however using a slightly reduced difficulty and finished in 2nd place.  Elliot Stratton struggled during his voluntary routine, but still walked away in 3rd place.  Heíll be looking to improve upon his performance today at the National Championships next month.

At Grade 2 Charlie Mussino did some of his best routines yet, easily winning 1st place.  Lisa Withey was in a difficult group but kept her concentration and finished in 3rd place.  Natasha Rastogi did well today having done minimal training due to her studies, she narrowly missed out on a medal and finished in 4th place.

There was plenty of success at Grade 4, Lauren Doherty performed both her routines excellently showing great consistency and easily won 1st place.  Michael Sheff was on good form too, a slight loss of form during his voluntary routine but he quickly regained control to finish in 1st place.  Emma Ramsey also finished in 1st place; all 3 of them are showing their readiness for Grade 3.  Neil Palmer and Gail Williams both finished in 2nd place.

At Grade 5 the success continued.  Jo Collins did 2 superb routines to finish in 1st place.  This was Joís first competition with the club having joined us only recently, so a great achievement for her.  Rebecca Bradwell showed great determination in her routines, and this gained her a well-deserved 2nd place.  Sophie Perks and Rebecca Hales both did well to finish in 3rd place.  Katherine Crone, Lauren Bell and Rebecca Hales also won team 1st.

And at Grade 6 the success still continued!  Mikki Hackney showed her usual good form and finished in 1st place, as did Josh Massey and George Eva.  Charlotte Smart narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place.  Hazel Childs, Emily Evans and Penny Prime won team 1st, as did Vicky Newton, Annabelle Cummings, Emma Deering and Verity Scott.  Tayla Green, Jennier McIntosh, Charlotte Smart and Hannah Burlison won team 2nd.

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