Sunday 25 September saw a friendly competition between the 2 local clubs, held at Potton Sports Centre.  The top 3 marks from each club in all groups were added together, for the overall club trophy.  Both clubs were missing their top performers due to various reasons, so the emphasis was on the lower grades to represent their club.

In the under 9ís we had just Jessica OíShea competing.  She competed 2 very neat, consistent routines and set the scene by coming 1st.  Sheís fairly new to competing, so an excellent achievement for her.

Next up the under 11ís and our success continued, George Eva came 1st and Helena Copping came 2nd, this was Helenaís first competition so something to be very proud of.  Daniel Ellis also in his first competition came 5th after missing the last move of his set routine.  Nicky Ledwold came a disappointing 6th after being 1st place after his set routine.  A mistake during his voluntary routine saw him stop half way through; hopefully he wonít repeat this at the grading next weekend!

The under 13ís was a larger group.  Kasey Kilday did well to come 2nd, heís also hoping to grade next weekend so this was a practice for him.  Rebecca Bradwell, who was very nervous, but did some good routines to finish in 5th place.

In the under 15ís group Hannah Bloodworth came 2nd and Gail Williams came 3rd.  Both of them put in some very good routines, showing their increased confidence at this level.  Verity Scott came 5th, Annabelle Cummins came 6th and Emma Deering came 7th.

We dominated the under 18ís.  With Lorna Kyan coming 1st, Katherine Crone coming 2nd, Orla McGill coming 3rd, Michael Lambert coming 4th, Rachel Leary coming 5th and Georgina Muncaster coming 6th.  And again in the over 18ís with Kelly Page coming 1st, Danny Fair coming 2nd, Faye Harper coming 3rd, Lisa Golding coming 4th, Martin Kendrick coming 5th, Lisa Farmer coming 6th and Charlotte Pocock coming 7th.

Needless to say, it was of little surprise when Richardís Trampoline Club won the overall club trophy by a large margin.

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