Richardís Trampoline Club attended the second Eastern regional Grading competition, this time in Saffron Walden.  This competition is only 4 weeks after the last grading competition, yet we still had a team of 4 performers.  Being a grading competition this meant if anyone scored high enough, then they could qualify up to the next grade.

At Regional G Jo Wardle was trying out a new routine today, having had just a few weeks to put it together.  A little nervous that she would forget her routine, Jo completed a good compulsory set routine.  The voluntary routine suffered a slight lose in form at the start of the routine, but this didnít deter her and the rest of the routine was performed well.  This secured Jo first place by a large margin.

Austin Shaw was next up at Regional G.  This is his second competition with the club, although his first competition was nearly 2 years ago.  It was great to see Austin competing again, and despite being nervous he completed 2 confident routines.  He was in a large group and all the scores were very close, but he did really well to finish in 2nd place and to qualify for Regional F.  Hopefully Austin wonít wait another 2 years before he competes again!

The last to compete at Regional G was Ella Hemmings, she also decided to change her routine before the competition.  She completed 2 lovely routines, and sheís looking a lot more confident with her new routine.  Ella moved up an age group this year, which made her one of the youngest in what was a massive group.  She finished in 9th place, so made it into the top 10.

Finally Jacob Tuck competed for the first time today at Regional F.  He completed some fantastic routines during his warm-ups, but when he competed both his compulsory set and voluntary routine contained a bit of travel.  He maintained his form though and was able to finish in 3rd place, he also qualified for Regional E by nearly 2 whole marks!

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